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Track of the Week: “Nights in the Dark” by California X

The Track of the Week for this week is “Nights in the Dark” from the Massachusetts based punk band California X

Cover art for Nights in the Dark
Cover art for Nights in the Dark

While their first album, 2013’s California X, put the band on the map, the Track of the Week comes from their brand new sophomore effort Nights in the Dark. Toning down the fuzz, and hoping to distance themselves from their clear Dinosaur Jr. influence,  Nights in the Dark shows the band hitting their stride and beginning to develop a more unique sound. The opener “Nights in the Dark,” is filled with loud and distorted guitars briskly running through some great riffs, while the catchy vocals hold the song together for the full 5:32.

You can listen to “Nights in the Dark” below. Nights in the Dark was released on February 13, and is available for download on iTunes now.