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Sudan Archives is loud, bold, and phenomenal at Mission Creek 2023

The energy as Sudan Archives took the stage at the Englert Theatre was indescribable. A stage adorned only with a microphone stand, an open laptop, mixing equipment, and a drum pad was illuminated by a set of dangling light bulbs and dim overhead lights. The singer approached the stage from the crowd. After some adjustments to the mix on her laptop, she tiptoed around center stage and plucked at a violin. As the sounds grew louder she played the head-bobbing “Oatmeal” to get the crowd in motion. From there, the show was all gas and no brakes.

Image via Robert Rysz

Within 2 songs, Sudan Archives brought the entire theater to their feet. Everyone clamored to get as close to the stage as possible. The intro to “Freakalizer” surged over the speakers, promising an impossibly exhilarating performance. Sudan Archives yelled, danced, and walked into the crowd at times, commanding the stage with the passion and raw energy of a seasoned performer. The show blurred into a stream of relentless excitement, emotion, and pure fun.

Performances of “Ciara” and “Loyal” kept grooves and energy high, but it was during more intimate moments like “Milk Me” and “Homesick” that Sudan Archives’ unreal range was on full display. Her vocal skills elevated every song, and her violin skills were unbelievable. The instrument felt like an extension of herself, seeming almost like second nature to the artist. She launched into the Irish violin song that inspired her to learn to play, and it felt perfectly integrated into her set of self-described “fiddle-funk.”

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Her skill with the violin, however, was still not the full scope of her talents. “ChevyS10” turned the entire Englert Theatre into a nightclub, thanks to live mixing changes via a drum pad. Sudan Archives redefined the track with sample chops, bass hits, and mind-melding grooves that kept people on their feet. “NBPQ” was an unforgettable experience, with an entire crowd of people screaming the hook to one of the most exciting songs on “Natural Brown Prom Queen.”

Sudan Archives only took a few breaks to sip her drink and hype up the crowd. Her energy was seemingly boundless even as she danced, ran, and crawled across the stage. To say she put her whole heart into her performance would be an understatement. It was a spectacle on every level, with top-notch vocal performances, a level of raw passion rarely seen, and a cavalcade of immaculate violin and mixing masterpieces. It was a night to remember, and certainly an amazing addition to Mission Creek’s fantastic performances.