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Track of the Week: “Girl Harbor” by Manchester Orchestra

This week’s track of the week is “Girl Harbor” by Manchester Orchestra.copeandhope

Manchester Orchestra managed to do something remarkable with their music.  They offered the same song on two different albums—one in full velocity with loud, energizing instrumentals, and one striped down version handled with delicacy.

Lyrically, the song is about a failing marriage.  However, in each version of the song, the audience experiences a different emotion.

In the Cope version, “Girl Harbor” is sung with an angry and accusing fervor.

In the Hope version, “Girl Harbor” is almost bereaving, the lyrics dealt with more tenderly accompanied with a kind of woe.

Both versions have their merits, even if they produce different effects on their listeners.  Which one do YOU prefer?  Take a look at the two opposing versions below, and keep up with Manchester Orchestra on Facebook here.