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Track of the Week: “Taste” by Bardo Pond

NOTE: Album Artwork Below NSFW

This week’s Track of the Week is, “Taste”, the second song from Bardo Pond’s ninth album, Peace on Venus.  Bardo Pond is a psychedelic rock band, and “Taste” reflects the genre accurately.

The song begins explosively with electric guitar and drums then is quickly met with FIRE325 Bardo Pond - Peace On Venus COVER_hithe mellowed, moaning voice of Isobel Sollenberger, the lead singer.  The mesh of vocals and instruments make for a hypnotic and trippy sound.

The guitar and sporadic drumming pattern is enjoyable and original.  However, the lead singer’s flute solo halfway through the song may throw some listeners through an unexpected loop.

Bardo Pond comes from a unique type of genre that’s worth checking out.  Listen to “Taste” below: