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Album Review: My Favourite Faded Fantasy by Damien Rice

My Favourite Faded Fantasy is Irish singer-song writer Damien Rice’s third full length album, which came out in October of 2014.

driceMusically, all the instruments in the album play as if they represent a state or feeling in their songs. The acoustic is gentle, the strings are sorrowful, and the percussion is angry.  They complement the core of the album, which is undoubtedly the lyrics.

Damien Rice proves his powerful skills as a songwriter through his depiction of the failures of love.  The album seems to be caught in the moment after a lover wakes up from a dream and into a harsher reality while not being sure which one he’d rather be in.

Here are some of my favorite lyrics with their corresponding songs:

From the song, which titles the album, “My Favourite Faded Fantasy.”

“You could be my favourite faded fantasy
I’ve hung my happiness upon what it all could be”

Painful lyrics from the song “Colour Me In.” 

“So I tried to erase itdricee

But the ink bled right through

Almost drove myself crazy

When these words led to you”

From one of my personal favorite songs, “The Box,” presumably about feeling trapped in a situation or relationship and contemplating the consequences of leaving.

“I have tried but I don’t fit

Into this box you call a gift

When I could be wild and free

But god forbid, then you might envy me…”

Lyrics pinpointing the failure of love in the song “Long Long Way.”

“’Cause love is tough

When enough is not enough”

From the song, “The Greatest Bastard,” which explores delusions, dreams, and facing reality.

“Or am I just dreaming once again?

Some dreams are better when they end”

If you want to know more about Damien Rice or follow his music, like him on Facebook or visit his website. Listen to the album in it’s entirety below: