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Track of the Week: “Left Hand Free” by Alt-J

tumblr_n7621ozfh01soajy8o1_1280This week’s Track of the Week is”Left Hand Free” by Alt-J, off their new album, “This Is All Yours.”

“Left Hand Free” is coated in an overall bluesy nature that stresses rustic and somewhat tangy vocals. In an interview, the band calls the song “the least Alt-J song ever,” saying it sounds like something “American truckers” might like.  The instrumentals of the song are undeniably a bit predictable, besides the high-noted organ solo toward the middle of the song.

Even though I can think of reasons why I shouldn’t like this song (the lyrics seem disconnected, the instrumental is actually pretty generic) I still find myself waving my arm through the air singing, “Well my left hand’s free.”  And I don’t even own a truck.

Check out part one and part two of the recently released music videos below: