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Track of the Week: “Sleeping Limbs” by From Indian Lakes

fromindianlakes-absentsounds“Sleeping Limbs” is the fourth track off of the newest From Indian Lakes album Absent Sounds, and this week’s Track of the Week.

The track begins with ambient noise, with a few clicks leading us into the thumping drum beat. This is accompanied by noodling clean guitar licks, and lead singer Joey Vannucchi’s airy and beautiful vocals. The soft verse is answered by the lush and powerful chorus, first instrumentally, then with vocals.

As the song continues, and grows more desperate, Vannucchi’s vocals become distorted, matching the lyrical themes of hopelessness and confusion. In Absent Sounds, From Indian Lakes are able to take the signature sound of their previous record, Able Bodies, and experiment with elements of dissonance. Songs like “Sleeping Limbs” show off the maturation of their sound, and ┬átheir growth as artists.

Check out the official music video for “Sleeping Limbs” here: