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Album Review: Room of Monsters By Web of Sunsets

20140116_web_of_sunsets_91Web Of Sunsets returned with their latest album, Room of Monsters, on February 18, 2014.  With their unique misty music style, they brought a more soft tempo music this time for music consumers.

Web of Sunsets began in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With three members, Sara Bischoff (Heavy Deeds), Sarah Nienaber (Gospel Gossip, Is/Is), and Chris Rose (Robust Worlds), they put their focus on acid country leanings. They have released two studio albums, Their first album, Fool’s Melodies, was released on April, 2013. 

Compared to their last album which has a lighter tempo and faster beat, Room of Monsters has more mysterious and slow tempo songs. Most of the songs are presented to be softer and gentler. However, the very distinguished characteristic of their music is that it is characterized as acid country, which is quite unique.

The special effects and background harmony of their music brings a mysterious mist that covers their music. The unique voice and the lethargic way of their vocal performances also add on to their music makes it sound extremely psychedelic.

Their music has always been painted with the color of the acid country genre. With keyboard, classic guitar, their misty and lazy vocal, their music has always been a special presentation for music consumers. This is not only a excellent choice for fans of acid music, but also a brand-new experience for those who love country music. The clear, lazy and soft singing will definitely brings a comfortable atmosphere for listeners whenever being played.

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