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Here Comes Johnny!

Here we are again, staring the NFL Draft right in the face.

The 2014 NFL Draft is roughly one week away (Thursday, May 08). NFL analysts and scouts have been pouring over hours of in-game footage, combine and pro-day results as they change their mock drafts weekly. This Thursday night in May will fulfill the dreams of 32 collegiate football players. For some, their career will result in their busts being enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame , but for others, they may turn out to be another type of bust in the NFL.

Aside from the jaw dropping athleticism shown by Jadeveon Clowney, I’m looking for one guy to completely steal the spotlight in this 2014 NFL Draft class.

That man is Johnny Manziel.

Think about it. Here’s a guy (Manziel) who as a freshman won the most prestigious individual award in collegiate football (arguably in all of football), the Heisman Trophy.

As a Texas A&M Aggie Manziel threw for over 7,800 yards, 63 touchdowns, and only 22 interceptions. To say he doesn’t have the NFL potential to be a Sunday starter is complete garbage. Sure, there has been the reported on-and-off field incident, but what Manziel brings to the table shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Manziel seems to have the ability on the football field to make something out of nothing. In a league full of top notch defenders though, it will be tough for Manziel to equal his “luck” which made him so exciting to watch as a college player.

As a 6’1’’ 210 lb quarterback, Manziel’s size is comparable to Steve Young who was listed at 6’2’’ and 210 lbs.  Young, who made his name as the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, was known for his ability to both throw and run the ball efficiently, similar to Manziel.  While comparisons are held to very little standards these days, it is fair to say that given the skill set we have seen from Johnny Football over the course of two years makes a good case for the pre-draft excitement surrounding him.

Who will take the chance on Manziel?

In the past few days rumors have swirled throughout the NFL about the Dallas Cowboys making a move that would put Johnny Manziel in AT&T Stadium in 2014.

Current Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback, Tony Romo, is 34 years old and has gone through the grinder in the past few seasons. Romo underwent two back surgeries in 2013, one for a cyst and the other for a herniated disk suffered against the Washington Redskins causing him to miss the week 17 finale against the Philadelphia Eagles.

While Romo is coming off of a solid year where he threw 31 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions, the Cowboys must question the longevity of his tenure as a Cowboy. Romo is currently under a six-year contract signed in worth $108 million making him a Cowboy for life.  While all the quarterback security seems stable for Dallas, is it really all that stable?

With Romo’s current back issues one must question what will happen if he has to abruptly end his career due to back problems. Insert Johnny Manziel.

Manziel to the Cowboys would be a great move on and off the field. Not only is Johnny Manziel a Texas native, but his past with Texas A&M makes the move to Dallas that much more attractive. Manziel’s presence in Dallas could rejuvenate a team that has experienced a lack of success throughout the past few years. The Cowboys are a relatively young team. With Jason Witten nearing the end of his career and Dez Bryant emerging as one of the top wide receivers in the game, Manziel could learn quickly under the direction of Jason Garrett and some great weapons on offense.

On a final note: Expect anything and everything come draft day and don’t forget that Jerry Jones is the general manager and owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

Jerry Jones loves exciting NFL Draft prospects. In the 2012 draft, Jones and the Cowboys traded up eight spots to draft cornerback Morris Claiborne out of LSU. Two years prior to that in 2010, Dallas traded their first and third round pick to New England to claim wide receiver Dez Bryant out of Oklahoma State.

The Dallas Cowboys traded up eight spots in the 2012 NFL Draft to select cornerback Morris Claiborne. (AP Photo)
The Dallas Cowboys traded up eight spots in the 2012 NFL Draft to select cornerback Morris Claiborne. (AP Photo)

The Cowboys have been known to go after big name talent hoping for big time rewards. While the 2012 pick in Morris Claiborne hasn’t proven to be worthwhile (yet), the Cowboys making a big move (perhaps for Johnny Manziel) in the 2014 NFL Draft would not be shocking.

With the 2014 NFL Draft in the horizon, it is time for a new crop of talent to take center stage.

Johnny Manziel is going to bring the NFL a lot of excitement, talent, and probably a little bit of controversy. Is the NFL ready?

The Houston Texans are now on the clock.