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Weekly 5


Lebron James is better than you, and he knows it. 

Earlier this week James was quoted saying he’d be one of the top 4 players to ever play the game. He also mentioned Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson when talking about the metaphorical “Mount Rushmore” of basketball. All of this talk “coincidentally” has come around the time MVP race talks have been firing up between Kevin Durant and Lebron himself. Lebron doesn’t have anything to prove, necessarily, but he still wants it. He wants it all. If anyone questions is confidence, they can take a look at what he did on Wednesday (the 12th) against Golden State…

So long, Captain Clutch.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Yankee hater or not, you can’t hate Derek Jeter. 5 World Series rings, multiple Gold Glove awards, and over 3,000 hits-all for the same team. Oh, and he did all of it without using any performance-enhancing drugs in one of the most drug-heavy eras in all of sports. Jeter announced he would be retiring after the 2014 season. Here’s the official letter he wrote announcing his retirement, and also, here’s an article on all of the girls Jeter has dated throughout his time in the league. You’ll be impressed with both.

“Social” Recruiting

The company that recently turned down a 3 BILLION dollar offer from Facebook will now play a potentially crucial role in collegiate recruiting. It was announced earlier this week that the NCAA has recognized Snapchat as a type of electronic submission (of conversation) that is now allowed for coaches/universities to use in attempt to recruit athletes. I can only imagine what coaches will be sending to kids now. Just think, a 10 second video of Kirk Ferentz telling you to come play football for the University of Iowa. Wow.

Game Off!

One of the biggest rivalries in all of sports is between UNC and Duke. Less than 10 miles separate the 2 campuses, and 6 inches of snow had fallen on the night of their game on Wednesday. People were already in route to the Smith Center before the official cancellation was announced. Students of each school line up days in advance to get to the games these 2 teams play in every year, and cancelling had to have ticked some people off. The game is rescheduled for February 20th, where the Tar Heels will look to knock off Duke, who has been having a much superior season out of the 2 North Carolina powerhouses thus far. Read a more detailed article here.


Syracuse remains undefeated after Tyler Ennis hits a game-winning, buzzer-beater 3 to beat Pitt 58-56. Sometimes a little luck is needed to stay perfect this long into the season. Syracuse is going to be a force to be reckoned with come March. Here’s a video of the shot. Just watch it.