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Explosions at Boston Marathon


Yesterday during the annual running of the Boston Marathon, two bombs exploded at the finish line. Chaos ensued at 2:45 p.m. as runners and spectators fled from the scene. The normally joyous occasion is now the scene of an attack. The two bombs, roughly 100 yards apart, caused two deaths and roughly 90 injuries.
Police have searched the area for evidence to a motive behind these attacks. Numerous suspicious packages were found around the area but findings have showed that this is due to people fleeing the scene. A third blast came from the John F Kennedy Presidential Library shortly afterwards but this is believed to have no connection and instead be the cause of a fire. There are no causalities or injuries at the library.
President Obama gave a short address at 5:10 saying that the city of Boston has full resources of the federal government to help care for wounded and the city of Boston should be “in our thoughts and prayers”. He followed up saying that the evidence is very scarce at the moment and there is no clear reasoning behind the terrorist attack.
Precautions have been taken around the country with New York sending police to all the city’s landmarks. In Washington DC, Pennsylvania Avenue has been closed off and San Francisco has escalated their police force.
Eye witnesses said that they heard one explosion and a huge cloud of smoke but people weren’t sure what was going on. After the second blast mass chaos began around the finish line as people began fleeing the area. Manny runners who came in after the explosions kept running to the nearest hospital to donate blood for the inured.
The Boston Police Department are still searching for a motive behind the attack and ask for anyone who as anyone information about the explosions to come in.