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Iginla Goes To Boston… SIKE!


Calgary Flames captain, Jarome Iginla, has been quite the name in trade talk around the NHL. With many teams shopping around before the trade deadline, Iginla has been a major point of interest for several teams. Two of these organizations being the powerhouse teams the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Wednesday night early predictions were made that Iginla would go to the Boston Bruins. TSN’s Aaron Ward even initially reported that Iginla was indeed going to Boston. Meanwhile, after midnight the official news came out that Jarome Iginla would be joining the Pittsburgh Penguins. After this trade statement was reported, chaos arose amongst fans and the NHL world.

(Gene J. Puskar/Associated Press)
Jarome Iginala was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins from the Calgary Flames. (Gene J. Puskar/Associated Press)

Many Bostonians went to bed believing Iginla would be joining in on their race for their second Stanley Cup in three years, but they woke up to crushed dreams. It’s true that Boston’s offer was more attractive to the Calgary Flames, but Iginla had to approve of the deal before he was traded, hence why the Penguins ended up beating Boston. Jarome Iginla agreed to the trade with Pittsburgh, the Flames receiving two prospects and a 2013 first-round draft pick in the deal.

So why did Pittsburgh want Iginla so bad? Easy. They have the cap space and many players who could leave in free agency at the end of the season. They’re making the most of what they have for another Stanley Cup run. The Penguins are currently the number one seed in the Eastern conference and one of the best teams currently in the league. With their skill and line depth they have a serious chance contending for the Cup. With the addition of right-winger, Jarome Iginla, their first two lines may be the best in the league. So, it’s all or nothing for the Penguins. The team is sure to undergo major change during the off-season, so they have to use all the skill they possess now, because they won’t be able to retain it all for next year.

Iginla and Crosby have also played together before on team Canada back in the 2010 Winter Olympics. They have good chemistry and are sure to make an impact together. With the addition of Iginla, Pittsburgh will only become a stronger opponent in the East. Not only did Boston lose the chance for Iginla, but also one of their toughest opponents just got even stronger. After this trade it will be interesting if the East can keep up with Pittsburgh, or if they’ll remain the dominant force they’ve been. When the playoffs come around though, that’s when it will be really exciting too see the Western and Eastern conferences meet for the first time this season. Will the Penguins have enough to beat out another powerhouse team like the Chicago Blackhawks? Only time will tell.