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All Good Things Gotta Come To An End


When the NHL returned in January, no one knew exactly what to expect. With the season being cut from eighty-two games to forty-eight games, anything could happen. Which teams would rise to the top and who would fall under the new, hectic schedule? One team in particular took main stage as the season began.

The Chicago Blackhawks are usually a dominant force in the league, but this season they took that title to new heights. They won their first six games of the season and in their seventh game took a loss in a shootout. They again lost in a shootout against the Canucks in their eighth game, and took another shootout loss against the Ducks on February 12th in their 13th game. To this point their record was 10-0-3 and while this wasn’t a win streak, it was a point streak. They continued this streak all the way until March 8th when they were defeated in Denver by the Colorado Avalanche. Until this game the Blackhawks’ record stood at 21-0-3.

To go twenty-four games with no loss in regulation time is a big deal. It means that in every single one of those games the Blackhawks received either 2 points from a win or 1 point from a loss in overtime. This point streak is record breaking, making the Blackhawks’ streak the second longest in NHL history. The team who holds the longest would be the 1979-80 Philadelphia Flyers with a staggering 35-game point streak.

The Blackhawks now stand at a record of 21-2-3. Don’t count them out now that they’ve lost two games in a row, the team isn’t mourning the end of their streak, but looking forward to making more goals this season. The Blackhawks face the Columbus Blue Jackets in their next game on Thursday March 14th. If the Blackhawks come out playing like the powerhouse team they’re capable of being, then they’ll have no problem breaking their losing streak and continuing on to more victories.