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Michael Jordan vs LeBron James: No Stats? No Problem


Here we go again. Another article about whether or not LeBron James is “better” than Michael Jordan. The typical write-up would include dozens of stats and numbers relevant to both players and their careers; the article you’re about to read has neither.

The truth is, it’s not fair to say either player is better than the other. Not right now anyway.

Only when LeBron James’ playing career is over can the judgement be made. Until LeBron James matches everything that Michael Jordan did (or goes beyond), he will always be viewed as the lesser of the two players. Even if LBJ did exceed all of MJ’s accomplishments, there would still be biased people with excuses like: MJ played in a “tougher” time, MJ didn’t have a team of all stars around him, Michael stayed true to his city, blah blah blah.

Honestly we will never be able to “fairly” compare the two players because they played in different times of the game of basketball. The comparison right now though is not even close. Right now MJ is considered to be better than LeBron; there’s not even an argument to be made there.

What the questions should be are: Will LeBron James have a better career than Michael’s? and When LeBron’s career is over, will he be considered a better individual basketball player than Michael?

Michael Jordan redefined the game of basketball. LeBron James doesn’t necessarily have the chance to do that. It will be tough for the accolades of MJ to ever be touched and I honestly don’t think anyone will ever do all that he did, not even LeBron. Michael’s career isn’t even realistic. How do you take a break in the middle of your prime to pursue baseball and then return to basketball and keep winning the same way you did when you left? Regardless of how awful of an owner he is as the owner of the Bobcats, MJ’s playing career will stand as the greatest of all time.

Rumors have recently been spreading about Jordan returning to the league and potentially having a veteran-bench role on a team. This is a joke, right? Antawn Jamison recently made remarks regarding the stories of Michael beating people 1 on 1 and was quoted as saying if on the right team and system, MJ could score double-digits for a team off the bench. The guy just turned 50. Five-Zero. His playing career is over. The only “hoops” he’ll be getting are earrings. LeBron James would throttle MJ if they played 1 on 1 right now. In their primes I don’t think the result would be that much different either.

LeBron James is a physical freak. The combination of speed, strength, size, and basketball i.q. he possesses ┬áputs him above any player ever. I’m taking nothing away from Michael Jordan as he is arguably the “greatest scorer of all time”. Though, as an individual, I think LeBron has the upper-hand.

When he first came into the league he was considered “weak” with a “below average” jump shot. At this point in his career – being all-around bigger and having developed a dangerous outside shot – he has the ability to score the basketball anytime, anywhere, and against anyone. The scariest part about LeBron James? He’s still getting better.

There will always be biases. There will always be controversy. There may never be a clear victor in this ultimately meaningless debate. My opinion/prediction has been voiced: Career: Michael Jordan, Individual Player – LeBron James. I can’t wait to see how the career of potentially the greatest basketball player of all time, LeBron James, pans out. You better believe Michael is keeping a close eye on it too.