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Show Spotlight: The Real Freshman Orientation


By Lindsey Owens

TRFOYour actual freshman orientation can only tell you so much. Sure, you get the basics, such as the vague outline of campus (that’s what your planner’s map is for, anyway), the briefest glimpse of dorm life, your schedule of classes, and the free black and gold t-shirt with your assumed graduation date. But, as you soon learn upon your first week of school, there is much more to the University of Iowa and Iowa City than what two days can tell you. More than what weeks, months, even years can tell you.

So, are you wondering what orientation never got around to telling you? Are you still figuring things out as you go through your days here in Iowa City? The Real Freshman Orientation is here to help, to be your second orientation. No, you don’t get another free t-shirt (it becomes a pajama shirt, anyway), but this orientation will offer you much more than two day’s worth of forgettable information.

Every Tuesday night from 8 to 9, KRUI hosts, Vanessa Ruiz and Melissa Messer, and their various guest hosts will tell you “what you really need to know about life in Iowa City.” Each week, they’ll tell you something different: everything from the best study spots to the cheapest yet most delicious food downtown, from the best and worst classes to the best and worst music venues.

Whether you’re a freshman who is discovering new things about Iowa City every day, or a well-immersed senior who knows just when and where to eat for the best deal, you’ll get something out of listening to The Real Freshman Orientation. Not only are the hosts here to give you advice, but they’ll also amuse you with stories of personal experiences and the latest tracks on KRUI’s playlist. Perhaps you’ll learn where to find the best holiday coffee drinks, or perhaps you’ll simply find yourself entertained. Either way, The Real Freshman Orientation is an hour for all students living in Iowa City.

So if you’re wondering if there’s something you’ve missed, whether it’s about the University or life in Iowa City, The Real Freshman Orientation is here to help and reorient you to the workings of life in Iowa City. Be sure to like The Real Freshman Orientation’s Facebook page to stay up to date on the latest events downtown, as well as the show’s weekly topics.