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Track Of The Week: “Dead in the Water” by Ellie Goulding


Last March, Ellie Goulding’s long-awaited first full album Lights was released. Only a year and seven months later (Tuesday, actually), Halcyon hit the stores.

Personally, I have only ever been a fan of a few of Ellie Goulding’s covers, and I never really got into Lights. However, Halcyon has a slightly different feel to it. The pop, almost techo vibe of Goulding’s previous work is still present, but there is a new hint of alternative that really has me hooked. It is most apparent, to me, in the more laid-back track “Dead in the Water.”

The first two minutes of the song are a cappella, aside from a single not that rests so far in the background after being introduced that it is almost inaudible. As Goulding enters the chorus for the second time, the background is picked up with string accompaniment. The song continues to grow both instrumentally and vocally, adding in multiple voices, strings, piano, and more. The result is a powerful yet subtle tone that is unique and different from Ellie Goulding’s past work.

This song (and obviously, the full album) is now available on iTunes and Amazon.