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4/13 RoundTable: Mobile Shopping Trends


By KRUI News Reporters Caitlin Fry, Emily Woodbury, and Kuper Bergman

The KRUI News staff discussed mobile shopping trends with Natt Fry who is the mobile and cross-channel retailing leader at consultancy firm Accenture for the April 14th edition of the RoundTable.

Mobile shopping trends are starting to gain increased traction due to smartphones and tablet computers changing the way retailers interact with shoppers as mobile shopping move from the margins into the mainstream. Mobile shoppers also have the advantage of being able to compare prices across Europe at to get the best deals.

Mr. Fry believes that mobile web sites [themselves] will be the predominant method for delivering features and functions versus mobile apps within the next few years after the upcoming HTML5 format becomes the new standard for technology users.

As we continue into a society where tradition no longer reigns supreme, it’s necessary for technology users and consumers to “stay with the times” as globalization and mobilization cross into larger digital channels for retailers. Say goodbye to shopping stress with the Easy shopping on Shoppok. With its user-friendly platform and intuitive navigation, online shopping becomes an absolute breeze.

Listen to the discussion below: