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3/3 RoundTable: Internet Privacy


By KRUI News Reporters Emily Woodbury, Caitlin Fry, Jen Hoch, and Kuper Bergman

UI assistant professor in the journalism school, Melissa Tully, joined us for our weekly RoundTable discussion to examine how the recent changes in internet privacy have caused ads to become more tailored to web users and Google’s recent “for dummies” privacy statement to help limit the time users spend reading privacy policy (it would take a person 25 days out of the year to read privacy policies).

Listen to the RoundTable discussion below:


We also spoke with Nick Bergus, an Iowa City blogger, University of Iowa instructor, and freelancer. He told us the story of how he became the face of a sponsored ad for a 55 gallon tub of personal lubricant. To here the interview with Nick, listen below.