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Track of the Week: “Arrow” by Ravens and Chimes

Ravens & Chimes

Photo and article by Kendall McCabe

Ravens & Chimes
Ravens & Chimes performing at the 2011 KRUI Mission Creek Lounge

New York-based indie rock outfit Ravens and Chimes released their sophomore album, Holiday Life, on April 3, 2012. KRUI listeners may best remember the group for their excellent performance and interview at the 2011 KRUI Mission Creek Lounge and their subsequent appearance at the KRUI 27th Birthday & Pizza Party show.

Ravens and Chimes’ sparse arrangements on Holiday Life capture the group’s tight musicianship in a way that their 2007 release, Reichenbach Falls, did not. The softer moments allow listeners to hear in between the different layers in the music, catching sweet piano riffs and the spot-on harmonies of frontman Asher Lack and pianist Rebecca. These gorgeous in-between moments add up to make Holiday Life, and the track “Arrow”, in particular, an album you’ll want to play on repeat.

Listen to “Arrow” by Ravens and Chimes here: