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Review: Bright Giant – Kings & Queens of Air

Bright Giant

Bright GiantBy Keith Evanson

Straight outta Des Moines, Iowa, Bright Giant exists to fill your ears with fuzzy distortion and crunchy guitar licks. Front man Josh Davis, who founded The Josh Davis Band, an alt-country band active in the early 2000s, has now broken out of his country shell (mostly), and created a new monster: Bright Giant.

The local band released a 5 track EP in the summer of 2010, and since then they have been writing new material for their breakout album, “Kings and Queens of Air.”

I can’t really describe the LP more accurately then by simply stating the truth, it rocks. The guitars, amps, bass, and even the vocals are all turned up about as loud as they could go—all the way to eleven. The first two tracks deceive you into thinking this album would all consist of rock songs with a slight country twinge, but by the third track, Sand Box, you will immediately think otherwise; on this track he channels his inner Billy Corgan vocal (the Gish version) and wails out the lyrics “You’re all right, but I’m better.”

The record’s most shining moment appears on the track Cabin Fever, an interesting tune about the psychological consequences of unrequited love.

It’s about as traditional as a hard rock album can be, but there is no denying that it’s a well-crafted one. Ten catchy rock tunes make this a fun and accessible listen for practically anyone. This is the kind of music that should be getting spins at local rock radio stations.

[Author’s Note: Bright Giant will be playing at the Blue Moose Tap House in Iowa City on February 24th starting at 10 PM. Unfortunately, because I am only 18, I will not be able to attend the show due to the 21-ordinance. If you happen to attend, please let me know how it was. I have heard their live show is killer.]