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Johnson County & Statewide Caucus Results

57/57 precincts in Johnson County reported the following results:

1) Mitt Romney-34%

2) Ron Paul-31%

3) Rick Santorum-16%

4) Newt Gingrich-10%

  • -At the IMU in Iowa City, 117 of the 179 GOP votes were for Ron Paul.


Statewide, 99 counties reported the following results:

1) Romney-25% [Leads w/ 8 more votes than Santorum]

2) Santorum-25%

3) Paul-21%

4) Gingrich-13%

5) Perry-10%

6) Bachmann-5%

  • -The Eastern counties mostly supported Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.
  • -Rick Santorum gained most support in the notoriously conservative Western Counties.
  • -Two Southern counties supported Rick Perry, but his numbers across the rest of the state were mostly low.

Visit here for an interactive map.