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Review: Fool’s Gold – Leave No Trace

By Alina Perez Gomez

Fool’s Gold is back with their second studio album, Leave No Trace, from IAMSOUND Records.  It is a different style from their self-titled debut album released in 2009.  Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov formed this collective to explore their interest in African music styles, but their second album proves they have found their own style.

Leave No Trace is a 10-track mini-vacation.  Many tracks have a tropical sound, with a mix of electronic styling.  I had the first three tracks on constant repeat, “Wild Window” being my favorite track of the album.  It is a dance party waiting to happen, really, it is.  The fun guitar riff of “Wild Window” is hard to get out of your head.  The music video features the band members dancing in an array of brightly colored lights, so it is impossible to avoid at least tapping your foot along to the beat.  “Bark & Bite” will take you to the beach of your dreams; a fun and relaxing track.

However, it isn’t all fun and games in the album.  “Street Clothes” is more techno-rock but very well received by the fans.  There are more fun guitar riffs in this song, with a strong bass line to back it.  Some other tracks in the album are more somber, like the title track, “Leave No Trace.”  It reminds me of something The Smiths would come up with, a sad song that isn’t a ballad, with great guitar work.  If you’re brooding, that’s your song.  They finish the album with a ballad titled “Lantern.”

In short, Leave No Trace really has something to offer everybody.  You’ll dance, you’ll brood, and if you’re like me, you’ll want to listen to this album again & again.  They found a comfortable style of their own, while still honoring the worldly musical sounds from which Fool’s Gold originated.


Fool’s Gold – Wild Window by iamsoundrecords