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Review: Peter Wolf Crier – Garden of Arms

By Blake Carlson-Joshua

Frontman Peter Pisano and drummer Brian Moen, Peter Wolf Crier, take the power of two musicians to a whole new level in their highly-anticipated second album, Garden of Arms. In a music scene riddled with alternative folk duos, Peter Wolf Crier have perfected one crucial element that sets them apart from others: the ability to sound complex.

After the success of their debut album, Inter-Be, the Minneapolis based duo had a lot to live up to. They played 100 different shows around the country in a short six month time period. When they were done they sat down and recorded Garden of Arms.

In this album you get the feeling that the group has obtained a new confidence in musical experimentation, producing a sound that is much more intense and polished then their debut. You feel this newfound confidence right from the get-go when you hear Pisano belt out the lead track “Right Away” which brings to mind a kaleidoscope of different emotions. This is one of those albums that gets better with more listens, each song capable of being your favorite at different times and different moods. With their soft melodies and heartfelt lyrics the two final tracks, “Never Meant to Love you” and “Wheel”, leave you with an assured confidence in the band’s new direction.