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Track of the Week: “Amazing and Wonderful” by Peaking Lights

By Evan Clark

Beginning with a faint yet steady tribal percussion beat that sounds like someone air drumming with pencils in class, Peaking Light’s lead single “Amazing and Wonderful” is a laid back journey of a song that isn’t afraid to get lost in itself.

Peaking Lights describe themselves as “Dub Pop Psych” music, which makes sense the further you listen to “Amazing and Wonderful.” Peaking Lights is made up of two members named “A.C.I.D.” (Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis), which helps illuminate where Peaking Lights find their inspiration.

The song features endless layers of looping synthesizer samples and abstract guitar riffs that never compete with one another, but complement each other and stand out on their own. The vocals sound spaced out and distant, floating above every instrument while calmly narrating what it is they find so amazing and wonderful. The song is reminiscent of the organ driven psych rock of Iron Butterfly, while also sounding like a Black Mother Super Rainbow song strung out on some Xanax.

Amazing and Wonderful by Peaking Lights

Peaking Lights will bring their psychedelic vibrations to The Mill this Tuesday night, along with Wet Hair, as part of the KRUI Low Frequency series. The show starts at 9pm, and admission is free.