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Commentary: Lakers Back in the Game

By Samuel Odeyemi


The NBA playoffs are only couple weeks away and sixteen teams are all gearing up to make a run at the NBA Championship. No team has played better in the last month than the defending champions: the  Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are currently second in the Western Conferenece, trailing San Antonio by four wins. (Photo from

The Lakers entered the All Star Break on a 3 game losing streak, with the worst loss coming to the 13-57 Cleveland Cavaliers. Since the break the Lakers have won 15 of their last 16 games. The most impressive of their 15 wins was at San Antonio were the Lakers led by twenty at the end of the first quarter en route to a 99-83 win.

The team has been playing much better on the defensive end, holding their opponents to an average of 97.0 points. Andrew Bynum, the Lakers’ center, has been a beast in the paint, averaging 11.8 ppg, 13 rpg, and 2.8 bpg. He has done most of his work on the defensive end holding down the paint.

This team is starting to play like the team that won the last two NBA Championships. The Lakers’ sudden comeback doesn’t look good for the rest of the NBA.



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