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Top Ten: Pound for Pound MMA Fighters

10. Rashad Evans: Despite not having a fight since May its hard not to deny him because of how he has beaten his oppenents. No he isn’t known for finishing guys but wins his fights decisively. He has superb wrestling and striking that should make any fighter nervous. Look for him to have a great fight against Shogun as soon as the Champion is healthy.

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9. Jon Jones: Although this could be considered controversial, it is hard not to put him there because of his wins. You might be able to say he is young and hasn’t fought anyone, but the way he wins is so unbelievably decisive that it is scary. The only lose on he has on his record is from a disqualification from a fight that he was going to win anyways. Yes, he is still unknown and we will learn a lot from him in his fight against Ryan Bader in February, but as of now he looks to be unstoppable.

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8. Fedor Emelianenko: Any way you look at it he is by far the greatest fighter in the history of the sport. He has the greatess resume and has the longest win streak of any fighter in the history of MMA (went 9 years without a loss). Although many people believe that the “Last Emperor” is out of his prime he has yet to completely fall out of the top ten. One loss to a top tier fighter does not contend someone to fall from the top. Fedor needs to return to the cage soon to prove that he is still relivent or we will see more list without his name.

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7. Doninick Cruz: Being the Bantam weight champion in the WEC doesn’t get you much but being the UFC Bantam weight champion gets you a little bit more. If Dominick Cruz can get past Uriah Faber and Scott Jorgensen there doesn’t seem to be another fight who could bring him down.

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6. Frankie Edgar: After two wins against arguably the best lightweight to ever live, you can’t help but put this guy high. He needs a few more title defenses to be put in the top 5, but with Grey Manard on the horizon (the only man to have a win against Edgar) and the winner of Anthony Pettis and Ben Henderson waiting (if he can get past Grey) he will have plenty of opportunities to prove he belongs.

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5. Muaricio “Shogun” Rua: After his knock out victory over Loyota Machida to win the lightheavy weight he suffered a sever knee injury that forced him to stop training for 9 months. He might begin to slip if he doesn’t get another fight before spring, which doesn’t look likely because of his injury. Although he has been benched it is hard to deny him of a top 5 spot. He is clearly the best fighter in the light-heavyweight division and as soon as his knee is feeling better I am sure he will show us why.

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4. Cain Valazquez: I might be a little reactionary by making him number 4, but I feel it is warranted because of how dominating he has been. Just look at the way he finished former heavy weight kingpin Brock Lesner. He is a force to be reckoned with on the ground, and is probably the most accurate striker in MMA today. He will have a chance to prove if he is truly the best when he defends his title for the first time against Nogueira protégé Junior Dos Santos this spring.

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3. George St. Pierre: Even though he hasn’t won in the most flashy style in his past few defenses he gets the job done and he gets it done well. His wrestling is second to none. He is probably the most athletic fighter in the UFC as well. Even with Jake Shields coming to the welterweight division, I don’t see St. Pierre losing at 175. If he can plow through Koscheck and Shields expect him to move to 185 shortly after and take on Anderson Silva.

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2. Jose Aldo: How could you have a list and not have Aldo in the top three. At this point there doesn’t seem to be anybody who can stop Aldo. He will get more of a test when the WEC merges with the UFC. From he stands now it looks like he is the most aggressive striker in MMA today. He uses every part of his body as a mechanism of destruction. Even though we have not seen it much his ju-jitsu is just as dangerous as his Muay Thai.

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1. Anderson Silva: Is this even a question. Look he might not have the best personality and doesn’t win in ways the make Dana White smile, but you cant deny his results. He hasn’t lost since 2006. Yes, Cheal Sonnen almost beat him but there is a key word in there. ALMOST. He finds ways to win every time. He can win by anyway you can think of. He can knock you out. Just ask Forrest Griffin. He can also submit you with scare amounts of ease. Just ask Dan Henderson. He is easily the most dangerous fighter in the sport today. In less Vitor Belfort can catch a lucky punch, or Okami can lull him to sleep after two rounds then I don’t see anyone who is even close to his level.

What do you think? Who is the top pound for pound MMA fighter? Leave us a comment and get in on the conversation.

2 responses to “Top Ten: Pound for Pound MMA Fighters

  1. Your list is ignorant. Fedor still in the top 10??? He’s gotten his ass kicked in 2 straight fights and he’s fought a bunch of cans for the last 5 years.

    You clearly know nothing about the sport.

  2. Fedor?

    come on now this is just pathetic you put fedor over jon jones, jones would destroy fedor even if they fought at heavyweight

    Rashad is a crybaby

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