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Vee Gee Plus

When most of us want to get an album from our favorite band we go to iTunes. We don’t often think to look in our local dumpsters or ravage through the three-dollar bin in the back corners of stores, but that is exactly what Vee Gee Plus is all about.

Airing Sunday nights at 6 pm on 89.7, DJ Josh Eklow’s show is unlike any other. Playing only vinyl, Vee Gee Plus gives the listener an experience a CD or digital download never could. Listening to the records played on Vee Gee Plus takes the listener back to a time where studio technology was advancing, creating new and exciting ways to record music. It focuses on a wide range of artists from Patti Page, Enoch Light, Martin Denny, Ray Conniff and many more.

Vee Gee Plus is a show based solely on Eklow’s personal vinyl collection that he has acquired throughout the years. Spending his undergrad at University of Iowa and working on his first radio show in 2008 during grad school, Josh’s love of exotica music and his first record Quiet Village by Martin Denny lead him to start his collection. Looking for eclectic and forgotten records of our past, Josh’s collection spans over many artists and genres.

So next time your passing a local record store or an intriguing looking dumpster, take a look, you never know what you may find. Just remember once you go vinyl, you never go back.

Be sure to check out Josh’s latest discoveries Sunday nights at 6pm on KRUI 89.7