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Review: Delicate Steve – Wondervisions

By Alexa Squire

It’s hard to imagine an album that starts out sounding like African pop, morphs into shredding psychedelic guitars, and passes by twangy Southern riffs before finally landing on a bright slide guitar solo, but Delicate Steve does so in their first single.
This debut album from the New Jersey band is only 26 minutes long and completely instrumental. The guitar parts are both primitive and post-rock, the keyboard is fuzzy and the drums are loud and soulful.
While comparisons have been made to the Dirty Projectors and RATATAT, the fact is Wondervisions is the product of a band that has something completely new to say and not enough time to say it. The album twists and folds its way through twelve tracks with such a sense of shear adventure and joy that when it’s over you’re going be to left wondering exactly where it came from—and why there isn’t more. Delicate Steve will be performing with Akron/Family at The Mill this Saturday, 2/26 at 8 PM.

Delicate Steve – Butterfly by popgunbooking