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Review: Portugal. The Man – In the Mountain In the Clouds

Portugal The Man

Portugal The ManBy Eric Intlekofer

There is a quality in Portugal. The Man that all music lovers can admire, or at least respect, and that is their ability to put out a consistent record every year. With “In the Mountain In the Cloud,” the Alaska and Portland based band moved to a major label, many a music fan’s nightmare. This time around, however, that chance is not to be feared. Their style has not been compromised, in fact it’s been honed.

Their sixth LP seems to be a culmination of the forward progress the band has been working on for the past six years. Each album has seen creative change, but “In the Mountain in the Cloud” seems to be one step closer to the guys finding a consistent but evolving sound.

The new record is eleven tracks of quality psychedelic inspired fusion. Styles from previous albums can be heard throughout the record, from the jam-like influences of Censored Colors and the hazy-pop of The Satanic Satanist. In the Mountain in the Cloud also sees the band incorporating heavy electronic influences. One of the standout tracks “Senseless” sees this done very well.

Musically, the band has constructed tight and intricate tracks with lyrical themes that relate track to track. “Got it All” has got to be the main standout track from the album, focusing heavily on psychedelic seventies influences as well as a little indulgence in glam. Gourley’s vocals are spot on and the band seems as creative as ever. Is it their best record? Maybe. It won’t disappoint fans and it will definitely garner new ones.

But it will be interesting to see what next year has in store.

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Portugal. The Man – In The Mountain In The Cloud by ATL REC