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Pokey’s Fest 2 Preview

Pokey’s Fest 2 takes place in Iowa City this weekend from June 7th to June 8th. The DIY punk music festival features many Iowa City bands, along with performers from elsewhere in the Midwest, and a welcoming communal vibe.

So, you’ve imbibed in the magic, ribaldry, and unparalleled majesty that is the Lab.

Perhaps it was a random decision; an accidental mis-click.  We’d prefer you think of it as FATE, but if you’re disinclined to those sorts of notions, we won’t press you.

But admit it: it was fucking awesome, was it not?  Was it not the most open, the most expressive, the most wonderful listening experience you’ve ever had (or at least a close second)?  If we’re all capable of being honest adults, I think we know what the answer is: “Sort of”.

Fair enough.  But it was certainly interesting, unique, and honest.  That you must concede.

And surely, in the aftermath of this sonic awakening, one question remains:  who the fuck was I listening to?

Well, toil in ignorance and uncertainty no longer!  For here is an ongoing and ever changing synopsis of every show on our dear Lab (a Labclopedia, if you will).  Learn of our dynamos, our heroes, our anti-heroes, our champions- our raison d’etre!

A gallery of rogues; a roll of honorables:  The Lab’s life blood and squishy organs!

The least hyperbolic series of show spotlights in all of human history!