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Label Lookout – Spring ’24

Label Lookout, a semi-regular series at KRUI highlighting a few exciting contemporary record labels and what they have to offer. Here we feature six of the station’s favorite labels in this Spring ’24 Edition.

Outdoor “Office Space” Screening In City Park

Friday night may have been a tad more chilly than we’ve been used to in Iowa City, but that didn’t stop people from enjoying the 90’s cult classic Office Space in City Park. The film was played on September 21st as part of the Starlite Cinema, an open-air cinema experience. Not only did everyone get to enjoy the classic comedy, they also got the opportunity to destroy an office printer before the film (which was inspired by the scene from the film). Audience members also had a chance to win a red Swingline stapler for the viewer with the most “flair” (another reference to the film). It was definitely a night of … Continued

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