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Pokey’s Fest 2 Preview

Pokey’s Fest 2 takes place in Iowa City this weekend from June 7th to June 8th. The DIY punk music festival features many Iowa City bands, along with performers from elsewhere in the Midwest, and a welcoming communal vibe.

Nurse, Iowans celebrate Carroll native’s first NBA Championship

JEFFERSON, Iowa – A small, yet spirited crowd of friends, family, locals and proud Iowans filed into the Wild Rose Casino outside of Jefferson to celebrate the accomplishments of Carroll native and Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse. Prior to the event, Nurse met with a handful of reporters to discuss life after winning an NBA Championship for not just a franchise, but for an entire country, as the Raptors became the first team outside the United States to win an NBA Championship when they defeated the Golden State Warriors 4-2 in the 2019 NBA Finals. “The last two weeks … Continued

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