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KRUI Media Empire Expands by Introducing New Video Content

We at KRUI would like to announce that we are dusting off our YouTube channel to bring forth our exciting new video content initiative, marking another expansion of our insurmountable media empire. Videos we plan on making include in-studio sessions, local live concert footage, travel vlogs, video zines, and more. All of this will be done by our noble, spirited staff, giving a true, authentic vision of what it’s like to work within the vibrant atmosphere of KRUI. First off, we have two new interviews live on the channel right now. 

Oklahoma City industrial metal band Chat Pile caught up with us in the back alley of Gabe’s in Iowa City ahead of their exuberantly chaotic, sludgy set upstairs. The four members talked about their life on the road as a touring band, described their love of horror films, and bashed some of the many unsavory aspects of capitalism. Along with this, they pushed back against the idea of nihilism. 

Chat Pile Interview

Surrounding his performance for the Englert’s new concert series Track Zero, alternative jazz musician Sen Morimoto phoned in from his studio in Chicago. From there he went over his personal origins, his vast array of musical influences, and the unfair practices of streaming services like Spotify. He also brought up his excitement about coming to Iowa City back on November 11th

Sen Morimoto Interview

You can check out the channel here, where you can watch all our videos from there. Like and subscribe and all that other cliche self-promotion. Stay tuned for more content to come in the coming months. This marks just the beginning.