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Mission Creek Preview: Kevin Morby

Kevin Morby is a prolific indie folk/rock singer from Texas, performing at the Englert this Saturday, April 8th for the Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City. Throughout his seven-album career, along with a recent film soundtrack (“The Montana Story”), he provides a wide variety of sound.

Morby during a performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Image via Rolling Stone.

His latest album, “This is a Photograph” is, dare I say, a masterpiece. Each of his albums provide a look at rural and middle America in a way that typical “country” music generally avoids. He does not sing about tractors or conventionally attractive white women; he provides depth through themes about life.

Throughout lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, Morby and his wife Katie Crutchfield recorded and streamed music, providing fans before he started touring again. While nothing is confirmed about the Englert performance, I along with other Morby fans hope his wife makes an appearance, as they have a brilliant stage and songwriting chemistry.

Morby and Crutchfield. Image via Brinson + Banks for The Bitter Southerner.

Part of what makes Morby’s appearance in Iowa so exciting is his stage presence. Although I have not yet seen him perform live, several friends can attest that he puts on a great show. He often expands songs from the studio recordings, making his concerts special. Seeing him in the Englert is something that you don’t want to miss. Although it is not the smallest venue, having such an intimate experience with him will be very exciting.