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Mission Creek: Mykki Blanco @ Blue Moose Tap House 4/6/2017

Warning: Article contains language and subject matter unsuitable for some audiences. 

It’s lit.

That was a common thought that kept entering my thoughts when three talented and powerful artists took the stage. They were Meka Jean, Flint Eastwood, and Mykki Blanco.

The night began with Meka Jean who immediately jumped right into singing her songs. She was quite impressive and I definitely enjoyed listening to her. She performed on the floor in front of the stage instead of actually on the stage which in turn created a great atmosphere but terrible video angles. Below is her music video for her song, “Too Good For You.”

After about 10 minutes, Flint Eastwood took the stage and brought back the energy left by Meka Jean. Their style of play was like a genre of rock and pop. I could be totally off but that’s what it sounded like to me. Let me tell you though, Flint Eastwood had one of the greatest stage presences I’ve ever seen live before. I found myself captivated not only by her presence but by her passion.

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It’s pretty easy to tell when someone has passion for something and it’s even easier to see when someone doesn’t have that passion. Flint Eastwood, like Meka Jean and Mykki Blanco, had amazing passion and it made me enjoy her songs even more. One thing that I thought was endearing was that after every song she performed, which was like 6 or 7, she would say “Thank you” to the audience. One of my favorite lines from the night was when Flint Eastwood told the audience to purchase some merchandise but if nobody did then she understood because “we’re all broke, so fuck it, let’s have fun.”

This lead into her closing song which really brought some high energy into the Blue Moose Tap House. It was a great song to end on. Listen to Flint Eastwood’s song “Queen” below.

After Flint Eastwood finished her set, people were buzzing and ready for Mykki Blanco. However, it wouldn’t be until about 40 minutes later that Mykki Blanco arrived on stage. The audience didn’t mind one bit. When he ran on stage, he was meet with loud cheers and applause. Blanco’s entire performance had me saying, “it’s lit” and “I’m shook.” I didn’t know what to expect when I entered the venue but I was surprised and awed.

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The energy that Mykki Blanco created was insane. It was something that I had never been apart of and I loved it. It felt amazing. What was even more amazing was that Blanco was trying to get a point across. To speak about queer issues in a way that doesn’t immediately turn people off. My favorite quotes of this evening were said by Mykki Blanco. They were:

“Happiness and compassion are birthrights.”

“It’s 2017, educate yourself.”

“Protect trans woman, Protect Black children.” (This line was said twice. Because that’s how important it is.)

Mykki Blanco was nothing like I expected and it was perfect. Listen to Mykki Blanco’s song, “High School Never Ends” below.

All three created an atmosphere with so much energy and passion that I didn’t know what to do with it but enjoy it and be happy to be in the presence of these talented and powerful artists. I would highly recommend checking these artists out because all three were straight-up badasses who gave zero fucks.

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