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Escape to Africa-Part Three

There isn’t much in terms of happiness. How does one even define it? If a human being fakes it, how does that change the definition? Does it even count as happiness if the person portraying it is just putting on a show? And what about those who find joy in the little things, like the sun shining on what looked to be like a gloomy day?

But what if the sun doesn’t brighten someone’s day like it did the person next to them? Doesn’t that change the definition? How does one find something that would make them happy for life if the simplest things can change your view on the day?

They’ve been country hopping for past couple of months now. While they were in Africa, Martha and Esteban met with a couple of people to get the drugs they needed to start their own business.

Even though they just entered into one of the riskiest businesses this world has to offer them, they killed the people who gave them the drugs and fled; now they are selling it to other clients around the world, making bank, and are always one step ahead of the police.

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By now they’ve been to Australia and New Zealand and are currently wandering around Europe, buying houses, in whatever country that pleases them, to store all the books and guitars they keep buying. Since they don’t really need the airplane right now, they let Ginger fly himself to Japan where he has ditched the plane. How he did it they didn’t ask, and he has started his own life there.

“Now what?” Esteban asks.

“You know you’ve asked that every day for the past couple of months now?” Martha replies, as she walks into the room with a book in hand. They are relaxing in one of their houses in the countryside of England. Esteban was lounging in the living room listening to his music on Spotify, because that is the only thing he’ll listen to.

“Well, we’ve accomplished everything on our list now. We stole and burned down the Pig, then robbed Six Flags, took all the money and bought a plane to fly to Africa where we started to become drug lords.

“Then, we flew around the world selling drugs to people, while hiring our own staff just to push them off the plane while we were in the air when they started to ask too many questions. And we’ve managed to pin this all on your sister, who happens to look like you. Now that we’ve done everything we set out to do, what are we going to do now?”

“I don’t know. What do you want to do? The sky’s the limit now.”

“I hate it when people say that.”

“You say it all the time!”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I like it!”

“Well, what do you want me to say? I don’t know what we’re going to do! We’ve been to all the countries I’ve wanted to go to. Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t really have any place I want to be right now. Don’t you always have a list of things you want to do?”

“I do, but there is just one thing I really want to do right now…”


They find themselves on the road in front of their house in Italy, which of course is in the countryside. Esteban is in the driver seat of a red Ferrari convertible while Martha sits in the backseat with her back facing him. He turns to her and says, “You ready?”

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“I’m ready!” she nods. Esteban steps on the gas and they take off down the road. Martha starts laughing uncontrollably; she has finally crossed off the one thing on her bucket list that has been on there for years, she is flying a kite from a convertible.

They drive like this for a while and then they switch places so that Esteban can fly the kite too. But, with Martha behind the wheel, they get lost because whenever they came to a stop, she would just pick a direction and followed it.

So, Esteban kicks Martha out from behind the wheel and tries to get them back to the house, which takes them until nightfall. But that’s okay with them because they talk the entire way back.


You’d think they would live happily ever after, right? They seem content at this moment. Living life to the fullest. Taking advantage of the opportunities that are now open to them. But, there is still something Esteban wants to do.

He heads back to the states alone. There he joins CTI Ministries and spends a year travelling with them, playing music at different churches, schools, and prisons around the world. After he finished that, he heads to Colorado to build a mansion of his dreams.

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Now, you may be wondering why Colorado? He has the whole world at his fingertips and he goes to Colorado. Well, to him, Colorado is paradise. And it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. That place makes him happy.

Ginger is still in Japan, but he travels a lot around the world yet too. He comes back occasionally to the United States to see his family and his cats.

And as for Martha, well, once Esteban left for the states, she was finally hit by that car. Martha got to do everything she wanted before her untimely death. She got to travel the world with her friend and cousin, and she got to fly that kite.

Happiness comes in many different forms, so how does one define it? Different things bring people joy. Now you may think these three didn’t find it, but you are just judging them based on your idea of happiness. Even though they did some big things, and some small childish things, everything they have accomplished has crossed off items on their bucket list; and for Martha, she was able to do the things she loves.