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Album Review: “Laugh Tracks” by Knocked Loose

*Disclaimer: Strong language that may not be suitable for minors is used in this piece”

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On the rise hardcore band, Knocked Loose, recently released their new album Laugh Tracks and my mind is f**king blown. If you have never heard of them before I highly recommend you check them out right away, it’s okay I’ll wait for you to get back.

The members of Knocked Loose hail from Oldham County, Kentucky and are fairly new to the hardcore scene. They are a group of gifted, young individuals that in my opinion are going to see a rise in popularity very soon.

Laugh Tracks hooks you from the very first track. “Oblivions Peak” one of my personal favorites, grabs you by the balls. With its hard hitting bass guitar and vocals it leaves you wanting more, but the lyrics are the most important part about this track because speak against police brutality. My favorite line is,

“I wont cater to a coward that hides behind a fraternity just so he can be empowered. Institutions supporting murder, no i won’t support it.”

Next is “Deadringer”, one of Knocked Loose’s most popular songs. Almost equally as good as the track before it, “Deadringer” has you banging your head and screaming your heart out to one of the last lines, “watch me motherf***er.”

“The Rain” had a hard task of following up the two first tracks on this album, and with such a strong start I was worried I would not enjoy the rest but boy was I wrong. It hits just as hard as the ones before it.

Photo via: www-altpress-com
Photo via: www-altpress-com

Up next is “Blood Will Have Blood”, this particular track hits home on a different kind of level with the lyrics,

“Nothing changes,
But the weather,
You just think that you got better,
Time doesn’t heal,
It scabs the wound,
I won’t cover,
Cover my scars for you,
I won’t cover my scars for you.”

The short but not so sweet, “Counting Worms” follows suit with the intense lyrics, “I wrote a song about getting better, it’s a feeling I can’t remember” proceeded by a couple of dog barks, one of Knocked Loose’s vocalist Isaac Hale’s signature sounds. It is in my opinion one of the greatest breakdowns I have ever heard.

I do not think there is one song on this album that I do not throughly enjoy, “My Heros” keeps the kick-ass ball rolling with more heavy bass and influencial lyrics. It is hard to beat the following track, “Billy No Mates”. When Hale yells,

“Point the finger,
Reject the blame,
I call out for help,
But I’ll never call your fucking name.”

I get shivers up and down my spine, you can just feel the intesity raidiating through your headphones.

“Last Words” continues the streak of tracks that just demands your attention. With its badass bass riffs and heavy guitar it grabs you and won’t let go. It is hard sometimes to actually pay attention and understand the lyrics in hardcore music but you have to take the time because they are some of the deepest words that will hit you right in the feels. ‘No Thanks’ does exactly that with the lines,

“You may see me,
I may look different,
The stress has weighed on my bones,
And I can’t fix it.”

Bringing the album to an end, “A Fetish”, like all the other tracks is just pure hardcore joy flowing straight into your ear holes. “Laugh Tracks” brings the album to a close with its powerful ending that you just have to hear for yourself.

10/10 recommend you check this fan-freakin-tastic album. One of the best albums I have listened to in a long time. There is not one bad track, literally every single one is enjoyable. Full album below.