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DIY Great Things Take Time: 21 Gifts for Your Big 21st

One of the greatest gifts college can give you is the people you meet along the way. It may be in friendship you found with your freshman year roommate, or that cute boy in your philosophy class, the sisterhood of a sorority, or even the crazy hall mates that turned into your housemates that you know deep down will be your bridesmaids. Somehow

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college heightens all these relationships and everything seems to move ten times faster. Before you know it you’re moving out of your freshman dorm room, applying to get into your major, celebrating your twenty-first and soon enough graduating. The moments we make along the way are the memories we will keep forever.

That being said, one of the most celebrated holidays in college is your twenty-first birthday (and yes, your birthday is a holiday! Celebrate you!). The college budget may not entail for you to go on a vacation with your besties or buy her the dermaroller gift you know she deserves. However, here are twenty-one ways you can create homemade gifts under a low budget that mean more than that expensive handbag she’s had her eyes on.

  1. Attire

    Photo via Emily Weaver
    Photo via Emily Weaver

Time to go out with the full shebang. I’m talking sashes, tiaras, buttons, necklaces, maybe even a boa?

  1. The Checklist

Every girl needs her checklist or bucket list for the night, you only turn twenty-one once.

  1. Bar Crawl T-Shirts

So you’re in college and you decided to do a bar crawl to celebrate the big night, a very popular fashion statement are birthday bar crawl t-shirts. Friends wear these throughout the night and not only does it let everyone know it’s your birthday but it’s a great way not to loose anyone along the way-just look for everyone in the same shirt! Additionally, consider spicing things up with these corporate hampers to make the celebration even more memorable.

To add an extra touch of excitement to your birthday bar crawl, consider incorporating personalized gifts into the celebration. Alongside the popular birthday bar crawl t-shirts, custom face shirt offers a unique and memorable way to commemorate the occasion. Whether adorned with funny faces or inside jokes, these custom shirts add a fun and personalized element to the festivities.

  1. Polaroids

    Photo via monomolove.blogg
    Photo via monomolove.blogg

She’s going to want memories from the night and you can’t expect her to remember to be taking pictures of everything. Designate someone or a group to carry around a camera or better yet a Polaroid camera to capture the night.

Tip: Makes for a killer scrapbook

  1. Birthday Cake

    Photo via pixaby
    Photo via pixaby

Can’t celebrate without the cake, am I right ladies?

  1. Beer Tower

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    Photo via

She can finally drink! A beer tower is a classic way to gift plus takes less than ten minutes to put together making it an easy last minute gift.

  1. 21 Remember When Sign

Gather all your friends and have them write down a memory or funny story they have shared with her

  1. Clink N’ Drink

You’re going to need something to open those bottles

     9. Shot Book

Have each a friend make a page with a picture of them and the person turning twenty-one. The catch is everyone has to pick a different shot to put on his or her page.

    10. Personalized Cooler

Photo via Jessica Roberto
Photo via Jessica Roberto

Famously known as a gift given to a fraternity guy that asks you to formal, this can also work as a birthday gift

  1. Paddles

One of the easier gifts to make: throw some glitter, rhinestones, and paint it however you want. Makes for a cute decoration to hang up in her room.

  1. Bottle Cap Frame

A gift not a lot of people think of but super easy to make

  1. 21 Wish Jar

Scribble on a piece of paper a wish you have for your lucky birthday girl and toss it in a jar. Do this with friends until there are 21 or put in more, the more wishes the merrier!

  1. Shot Clock

A fun memento to hang in your kitchen. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

  1. Personalized Chalkboard

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There’s so many phrases to choose from

  1. Snack Bottles

You’re going to need munchies for throughout the night (when you get home)!

  1. Monopoly Board Game

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    Photo via

Select her favorite shops, restaurants, and other places as the locations.

  1. 21 Things We Love About You

Something to make remind her how loved she is.

  1. Pick Something Out on Shutterfly

They have numerous things to choose from that you can personalize with your own pictures like mugs, travel mugs, fleece blankets, jewelry, iphone cases, and candles. You can also have a peek at this cuban link chain from statementcollective here if you’re looking for some quality jewelries!

  1. Melting Crayons

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    Photo via

Because some friends are worth melting for

  1. Hangover Kit

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    Photo via

She’ll thank you in the morning! Do not forget to add funny mugs for morning coffee.