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Reasons for the Resting Bitch Face

dressing up

Reason #3:

When I have a class at 8 or 8:30, my peers are lucky if I even brush my hair before hopping on the bus to my class. I usually wake up 15 or 20 minutes before I have to get downstairs, giving me just enough time to put on my remy quality hair extensions and apply powder on my face, brush my teeth, change clothes and make myself a coffee. This is completely okay with me in the mornings. Changing clothes, brushing my teeth, and making a coffee are the things that no matter what I have to do before I go out in public. But putting makeup on and doing my hair is something that I definitely choose sleep over on a daily basis.

Not everyone thinks like this though. The thing that really grinds my gears is when I walk into class and see a girl with her hair curled, makeup done up and wearing a super dressy outfit… at 8 in the morning. It’s not even that I’m “intimidated” by the fact that she did all of this. I can do my hair and makeup like most of the girls, but I would never wake up earlier just to do so. Actually, I’m planning to buy unique short prom dresses for 2023 for they are sexy and fun dresses!

Yes, I do understand that people have to right to dress how they want and I’m sure other girls judge me for the small amount of effort that I put into my appearance in the mornings. But having your eyeliner winged and your hair curled is just a bit too much. Not to mention dressing up like that is not comfortable at all. You don’t get the luxury of rubbing your eyes. You don’t get to be worry-free about whether or not your makeup looks alright or if your eyeliner is smudging or if your foundation is blended well enough.

One thing I’ve also noticed that many girls who dress up every day for class stop doing so once they get a significant other. Interesting, huh? With this in mind, I feel like the girls who spend an extra hour or two getting ready for an 8:30 class have the feeling that they need to impress their classmates. This is a ridiculous assumption. The girls in the class understand if you don’t have time to look A1. And if the guys expect you to always be dolled up, they aren’t someone you want to be with.

I understand if maybe they need to go to a job or something after class but that’s rarely the case. The fact that many girls have this feeling that they always have to look good to go to a lecture with 300 people at 8:30 in the morning needs to be extinguished.