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Track of the Week: “Be Your Man” by Rah Rah

This week’s featured track is “Be Your Man” by Rah Rah, a Canadian indie rock group. This song is the opening track on their new album, Vessels, and is a good testament to the album as a whole.

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This track is so fun because it gets going right from the start– the first sounds heard are a quick drum feature that moves quickly into an upbeat guitar/drum combination. A male vocalist soon is added to the conglomeration, and shoots the listener straight into the first verse.

What really makes this track is the addition of female backup vocals. These backup vocals mimic the chorus in a really clean and precise manner, which adds a bit of clarity to the murky voice of the male singer.

This track maintains an exciting, upbeat vibe throughout most of its duration. The guitar and drums that drove the beat from the beginning continue to keep the song progressive. Though one of the middle verses is slower and almost melancholy, the background instrumentals pull this verse back to the previous quick tempo where the song began. The song ends with a final guitar stroke and drum crash to conclude its fast progression.

“Be Your Man,” as well as the entirety of Vessels, is available on iTunes. Check out the track below: