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Track of the Week: “I’m Stupid but I Love You” by Okay Kaya

You don’t love me enough. All I want is enough. I don’t see you enough. All I need is too much.

I simply saw the title of Okay Kaya’s “I’m Stupid But I Love You” and my stomach lurched. The title honestly explains the foolishness in falling into unrequited love. A listen and a read of the lyrics of this week’s Track of the Week, left me feeling incredibly connected with her sweet song of heartbreak.

As a fairly new artist based in New York, with Norwegian origins, Okay Kaya has been featured on a number of websites for the waves she’s making in music news. She has a few singles that have made it to Youtube, including “Clenched Teeth” and “Damn, Gravity” in which Okay Kaya serenades us about heartache, much like “I’m Stupid But I Love You.”

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This somber track begins with piano chords that resonate and pair well with Okay Kaya’s high and sweet voice.

The song is instrumentally calming and creates a sad atmosphere that perfects the lyrics. This simplicity settles in the background and provides an important position for the lyrics at the forefront.

Okay Kaya poetically discusses the popular topic of heartbreak in an honest way that bares her soul and its insecurities. This lyrical poetry allows for a relation between Okay Kaya and the listener, including myself.

The lyrics (some of which are italicized above) are relevant for nearly everyone at one point, if not multiple, in their lives.

She somehow captures the sinking feeling of unrequited love that honestly tears open those old wounds without being overly sweet. It is my assumption that nearly everyone feels the same punch in the gut, heart, or whichever symbolically hurts the most after hearing this authentic track.

Check out the innovative video for Okay Kaya’s “I’m Stupid But I Love You”:

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