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The Calm Before The Storm for Iowa Men’s Basketball

IOWA CITY, Iowa- In an exhibition game against Northwood University, Iowa dominated 92-51. The leading scorer for the Hawkeyes was Peter Jok who scored 16 points on 6-9 shooting. Jarrod Uthoff and Aaron White were the only other scorers in double figures for the Hawkeyes, and they had 15 points and 12 points. The leading scorer for Northwood was Fred Mattison, who scored 19 points on 8-20 shooting.

Although Iowa won by 41 points, the first half was a lot closer than anyone anticipated. Iowa went into the break leading 39-32. Turnovers were a huge issue for Iowa as they had 11 turnovers in the first half. Iowa shot 51.9  percent from the field in the first half, and were 50 percent  from behind the arc, but the turnovers were the key reason Northwood kept it close in the first half.

Iowa went on a tear to start the second half as they opened up the half on a 19-3 run. The run came partially because Iowa trimmed down on turnovers, but Northwood didn’t make their first field goal until 12:11 left in the half. Iowa kept up the strong shooting in the second half as they went 21-44 from the field, and again shot 50% from the three point line. Northwood on the other hand couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat, shooting an abysmal 16.1% on 5-31 shooting.

Besides the turnovers Iowa had a pretty solid game. in the second half, Trey Dickerson had a fast break opportunity and unfortunately botched the layup as he was unsure whether to dunk or not while going up for the shot. The missed field goal didn’t phase the Hawkeyes as they eventually went on to win the second half by a score of 53-19.

All in all, the Hawkeyes had to shake off a few cobwebs to start the game, and their bench provided the spark the starters needed. Iowa scored 92 points on 35-71 shooting. Northwood scored 51 points on 18-60 shooting. Northwood went 11-14 from the charity stripe, and Iowa went 13-18. Iowa did a great job from 3 point land as they hit 50% of their shots and finished 9-18. Northwood went 4-10 from the 3 point line.

Iowa’s regular season gets started on November 14 as it hosts Hampton.