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Where the Chicago Bulls go from here


A season with so much promise, so many expectations, is out the window with one turn up the court. Bulls fans have seen this story before, and they are unfortunately going to get a sequel.

It is amazing how one player can make such a difference in the game of basketball, but that is just the nature of the game. This can be a positive aspect, such as adding LeBron James to the Miami Heat, totally changing the look of their franchise. Or it can be a negative aspect because a franchise is relying so heavily on one player, that if he goes down, that team has nowhere to turn.

This is the case with the Chicago Bulls this season as their superstar, Derrick Rose, will miss yet another season most likely with a torn medial meniscus in his right knee. Rose has stated that if he is feeling well, and the situation is right, that he will come back for the postseason, but do not count on it. The Eastern Conference is dominated by a couple of teams this season, the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers, with every other team far back in the distance. So do not expect Rose to be coming back this season to compete for an NBA Championship.

Has everyone seen the best of the former MVP? Some think so, which is troubling for such a superb talent at such a young age. The way the man plays the game is almost asking for an injury here and there. With a game based off of sharp cuts, as well as basically launching himself into the air to challenge much larger players at the rim, he is only a single play away from an injury as serious as this one every moment that he is on a basketball court.

He has been labeled injury-prone as well because of the way that he has suffered his injuries. True, he does have that troublesome playing style like previously mentioned, but the way that he was injured this most recent occasion was a play that a basketball player does without even thinking about it. He was simply turning up the court. Nobody was around him. He was simply trying to change directions. That is one of the most troubling aspects.

So now the Chicago Bulls have to turn a new leaf of sorts. When Rose does come back, most likely next season, look for a new supporting cast for the former MVP. One of the centerpieces of this roster, Luol Deng, has an expiring contract so look for him to be wearing a different uniform come next season. Carlos Boozer, yet another centerpiece, also has an expiring contract, and is also getting up there in age. Look for him to be playing elsewhere as well.

The front office has stated that everyone on this team is tradable, which is puzzling to some fans, but it is the right move. The window is pretty much shut on this current unit, so moves have to be made, and look for many changes to come. The team is going to still build around Rose, but with a supporting cast closer to his age. This could be through the draft, trades, or free agency. But the team will look to get younger, sooner rather than later.

Rose will be able to come back from this latest injury. Will he be an MVP candidate? There is a good chance that he will not. But either way, he is still one of the best players in the NBA. If he gets a solid supporting cast around him, he has the ability to be successful, and be the leader of this team. But, it is not going to happen instantly. It will take a few seasons. People do not want to hear it, but this will be a process. Patience is the key here, and Rose, as well as the entire Chicago Bulls franchise, are aware of that.