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Drew Brees: Making a case for NFL MVP


With many already giving Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning the National Football League’s most valuable player award, it is forgotten just how important Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been.

It’s not much of a surprise for the MVP award to go to a quarterback, and this season will most likely continue that trend.  Manning has had an incredible year for the Broncos, and does beat Brees in terms of statistics.  As far as most valuable player goes, it feels that the Broncos would still have a good year without Manning as the quarterback – obviously not an excellent year like they are having, but the Broncos still have a good overall team.

For the Saints, their lack of a consistent run game makes Brees even more important.  The Saints defense has stepped up with new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and the return of head coach Sean Payton.  However, the Saints still rely on Brees to win them games.  Against the Patriots, Manning did not excel, and the Broncos had to rely on their run game and big plays from the defense to keep them in the game until they ultimately lost in overtime.  Brees has kept the Saints in every game, and continues to roll.  Right now, it looks like Manning will win the award, but Brees should stay in the conversation if he keeps up his play.