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Vikings Can’t Find a Quarterback, Giants Win First Game


Eli Manning and New York Giant got their first win of the season last night to the mistake-prone Minnesota Vikings. The Giants won their first game with a score of 23-7, practically stuffing the Vikings both defensively and offensively. The two teams matched up in a previously thought to be a good game, given both of their NFL records were lacking, but turned out that the Giants would be in control the whole time. Once again the Vikings would let their fans down and prove the difficulty of getting things started for the offense and keeping the Giants tame while on defense.

The first quarter of the game didn’t look too bad for the Vikings, as neither team could get much done offensively. By the end of the first quarter the Vikings were leading 7-3 thanks to Marcus Sherels who had an 86-yard punt return touchdown. The teams mainly exchanged punts, and after the Vikings dropped a potential pix-six, then fumbled on the 3-yard line, giving the Giants a touchdown, the Vikings later were unable to do anything offensively that would upset the Giants.

Former free agent Josh Freeman made his debut for the Vikings Monday night, he would be their third starting quarterback for the Vikings this season, after Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel. On Monday night Freeman proved to be rather rusty on the field. Freeman frequently missed many of his receivers and ended the night with passing 20 of 53 for 190 yards and 1 interception.

Manning on the other hand had a decent game, and went for the first time this season without throwing an interception in a game. The season has been really rough for Manning so far, and it was important for the Giants to finally get their first season win. Manning ended the game with passing 23 of 39 for 200 yards and 1 touchdown.

With the Giants scoring their first big win, the Vikings continue on their losing streak, even with another new quarterback, things don’t seem to be looking up for the Vikings. Josh Freeman and the Vikings went up against the league’s worst scoring defense and couldn’t make anything happen on offense. If the struggle continues this could be a very long season for the Vikings, who have a 1-5 record. November 27 the Vikings play the Packers, while the odds are against the Vikings, there is the possibility of improvement, and maybe the Vikings can pick up their second win of the season.