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Track of the Week: Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark) by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

This week’s track is “Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark)” by Ruban Neilson’s lo-fi psych-pop solo project, Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

“Swim And Sleep” comes from Neilson’s┬ásecond album, II (out now). On this track Nielson, a New Zealand native, draws your ear with a sweet sounding, over-extended, echoed chorus that mesmerizes you through the bulk of the song. “Swim and Sleep” is coated with an antique veneer, one could almost expect to be hearing this from their grand parents out-dated audio system. While the song comes off pleasant enough, you don’t have to critique the lyrics much to understand that darkness lurks in the depths of the songs bright, rippled waters. For those who enjoy indie-pop, this is a must listen.

Check out the dark-humored video below, (slightly unsafe for work): “Swim and Sleep”