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Iowa secondary eager to step up


The Iowa secondary had some real struggles this past season.  These struggles either lost close games with Central Michigan, or allowed Michigan to pile on the points.

According to B.J. Lowery though, they’re doing laps around where they were one year ago.

“We (the secondary) improved our game speed, we’re playing way faster than we did last year.” Lowery said while addressing the media Tuesday.

One big part that the secondary will be missing this year is Micah Hyde, who has his dreams set on the NFL and will leave open not only a corner spot, but one of the vocal leadership spots in the secondary.

Jordan Lomax said that his injury was in the past and he thinks he is prepared to fill Hyde’s shoes. Pointing to all the help he received from Hyde and the strides he was able to make even after missing much of last year.

“I was able to take mental reps all year and become smarter. I can slow the game down now and recognize formations much better.” Lomax said.

Lomax mentioned his foot speed and hip turning ability as two specific technique improvements he’s strived to make, something that will help both on the quick pass and the latter aids in making sure the wide receiver doesn’t gain a step on him.

Back with the safeties, Lowery said that Tanner Miller has also stepped up his leadership abilities and has become more vocal during practice.

Lowery said that even though John Lowdermilk and Nico Law are newer, that they have “been around” and really have keyed in and will be ready to step up.

Their biggest goal week one is going to be keeping their coverage long enough to force Jordan Lynch into some bad decisions.

The Heisman candidate Lynch came up short last year against Iowa and the secondary was a big part of that, holding him to just 54 yards and six completions.

If they can do that again, Lynch’s Heisman campaign may end in Iowa City.


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