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Track of the Week: “Big Jet Plane” by Angus and Julia Stone


Angus and Julia StoneForming in 2006, Julia and Angus Stone are a brother-sister duo from Australia. The two write separately and then go on to collaborate for creating harmonies and structure. Angus is noted to have more of a Paul Simon or Damien Rice sounding voice where as Julia has a soft, lullaby-esque sound to her that’s utterly captivating. The duos sound is that of folk-blues with a twinge of acoustic and pop. They have released two studio albums as a duo as well have a total of four solo albums (two each). In 2010, at the ARIA Music Awards, they won five awards from nine nominations including  ‘Album of the Year’, ‘Best Adult Alternative Album’, ‘Best Cover Art’ and ‘Producer of the Year’ for Down the Way and ‘Single of the Year’ for this song actually!

With its simple and sweet lyrics, “Big Jet Plane” is quite the laid back song. Having an almost hopeful sound to it though, is a great tune for rainy days and staying in or even just walking to class. The vibe is overall super mellow and great for all occasions. I highly recommend checking out their other stuff!