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Heading to the record book?


With the 2013 MLB season starting Sunday anything could happen including historical records being broken. The Houston Astros this year while carrying the lowest payroll in the league are considered by many to be in the running for a couple of the leagues least prestigious including most team strikeouts in a season by their hitters as well as most losses in a season.

The Astros in their first 3 games alone have struck out 43 times at the plate while still posting a 1-2 record over that same span.

The Astros team is so young and inexperienced that many analysts believe that the chane the Astros have of breaking the two records mentioned before is very plausible, and for good reason too the Houston hitters are currently on pace to break the record for most strikeouts as a team by their 107th game.  With that in mind I should also point out that the Major League Baseball Season has each team play a minimum of 162 games each year.   However though with the team being as young as they are it is very difficult to think that none of the players will progress enough to keep this from happening.

The Astros heading into their 4th game of the season facing Oakland and carrying a 1-2 record along with them can make you believe that the most losses in a season record is still a great possibility for the young team.  Houston’s starting pitching however has so far been a bright spot for the Astros with starters Bud Norris, Lucas Harrell, and Phillip Humber all turning in quality starts for the team in each of the pitchers first regular season start of the year.

If there is anything on the Astros side this season it is definitely age as there most productive hitter Jose Altuve is just 22 years old and all but three of their starters in the field are under the age of 30.

There is still a lot of work to be done in Houston to make sure they do not find themselves entering the record books in a bad way, but what is going their way is the potential they have in the youth of their players to turn in a season that is at least not the worst season in MLB history.