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Top 5 ‘Harlem Shakes’ in Sports


The ‘Harlem Shake’ has officially trickled down from pop culture into the wide world of sports. The Shake is a dance that originated in Harlem in 1981 but now has reemerged with the release of the song by ‘Baauer’, a DJ/Producer. NCAA athletes were the first to pick up on the craze but now it is spreading into the professional realm as well. It’s time we give these athletes some credit for their accomplishments off the field of play and onto the dance floor

5. Vanderbilt University Men’s Baseball

Sneaking into the top 5 is Vanderbilt with their excellent video entrance. How can you not love the use of the hamper to bring in the lead dancer in costume (a Harlem Shake staple in the first 15 seconds) and the ability of the other players to maintain a steely demeanor as their teammate creates a spectacle in front of them. Throw in the casual towel tosses in the first 15 seconds and Vandy really proves how to own the first half of the dance.


4. University of Georgia Football

If these guys aren’t building camaraderie I don’t know who is. Excellent intro with the use of warm-ups and not just players standing around in the background leads to an even better second half of the Harlem Shake. The Dawgs provide good clean family fun with the use of Pooh and Tigger costumes owning the second half or ‘shake’ portion of the dance. The also get a pat on the back for attention to detail, having two dancers shimmy on the rafters in the background of the video.

3. Kansas University Men’s Basketball

A huge shout out to Head Coach Bill Self for participating in the video and thus boosting his team to bronze standing on our list. What better way to bounce back from a low point in the season with a three game losing streak then to gather together for a good ole team shake. Apparently the dance did wonders for guard Elijah Johnson who shook off his mid-season rust and rained in 39 against the cyclones the other night.

2. University of Georgia Men’s Swimming & Diving

Poise and execution our a divers best friends, so we should have known these qualities would carry over to the innovative shake put on by the Bulldogs. The majority of the year the excellent football program at Georgia stands in the limelight but for now the Men’s Swimming and Diving Team (and their 28,000,000 likes) take center stage.

1. Miami Heat Basketball

Folks they don’t call them pros for no reason. When you win you celebrate, and when you celebrate you dance. With all the winning (& dancing) LeBron and Co. have been doing lately it’s easy to see why they own our top spot. Everything about this video is textbook ‘Harlem Shake’, flawless intro from the Birdman and exceptional dancing from bench players like Norris Cole just take the Video over the top.